What can I expect at our first meeting?

Our first meeting will begin by my asking you about the issues that bring you to therapy.  We will discuss many aspects of your life to begin to develop a further understanding of who you are.  Because choosing a therapist is an important and often difficult decision, I will invite you to share any questions or concerns you might have.  We will then come to an understanding of your main concerns and goals, clarify your options, and come up with a plan.

How long will I be in therapy?

Length of treatment varies depending on a number of factors.  I am trained in brief and time-limited approaches, as well as longer, depth-oriented therapy aimed at changing longstanding personality patterns and deepening self-awareness. We will periodically evaluate together your readiness to step out of therapy.

What if I don't have clear goals?

Having only a vague sense of being "stuck" is actually a common situation as people begin therapy.  Therapy can help when we feel unable to muster or use our own resources or benefit from the support or input of those around us.  Having no clear goal should not discourage you from giving therapy a try.   Often this is a very fruitful place to begin!