With over 20 years experience providing therapy, my goal is on helping you to address many life concerns, including...

  • Depression:  Depression can take many forms, including sadness, hopelessness,  loss of interest in life, feelings of emptiness, and sleep disturbance.  Most of us go through depression at some point in our lives. It can be more or less severe, and some suffer from depression more chronically or have have repeated reoccurrences.  Fortunately, psychotherapy has been found to be powerfully effective in helping people recover from depression and prevent future relapse.  "Talk therapy" will help you learn tools to manage and change your mood, as well as uncover your depression's "underpinnings" so that you can avoid falling back into old depressogenic cognitive patterns.
  • Anxiety:  Anxiety is a part of life, and serves valuable functions for us as "warning signals" for danger.  However, all too often, especially in our culture, our warning system can get over-activated, leaving us in chronic states of high arousal.  Various presentations of excessive anxiety have become the most common issue I see in my consulting room over the past decade.  Again, psychotherapy provides a powerful forum to uncover and root out anxiety's underpinnings and provide you with practical solutions to manage and address it in a lasting way.  Anxiety can take many forms, some of which people don't immediately link with the term "anxiety."  These include:  overworking, compulsive sexuality, panic attacks, phobias or avoidance of certain situations, body image issues, eating disorders, feeling chronically keyed up or on edge, anger outbursts, and others.  Again, a consultation can help you to diagnose if anxiety is an underlying issue for you.

While depression and anxiety are some of the most common concerns that may bring someone into treatment,  other areas of specialty include the following; 

Consultation for Therapists

In addition to providing therapy, a passion of mine has been in the teaching and ongoing training of other therapists.  I  provided individual and group supervision and consultation for a total of over 15 years at the Pacific Center for Human Growth, University of California, Berkeley Counseling Center, the Department of Veteran Affairs, and currently within my private practice.  Please contact me for further details.